At a Glimpse

MECEC is a private, not-for-profit preschool; we offer half day, full day, and afterschool programs.


MECEC was founded in 2007, initially serving children ages 2 through 5.


Students come from different Northeast Dutchess communities, but the majority are from the Village of Millbrook, Pleasant Valley, Amenia and the town of Washington.

Student/Teacher Ratio: Ratio for Age 2 is 4/1; Ratio for Ages 3 and 4 is 6/1. A small number of students per a teacher is enforced to ensure each child's emotional and developmental needs are being fully met while their talents can be nurtured and challenged.

Students that are African-American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian-American, or multiracial children currently represent 25% of the enrollment. It is MECEC's goal to maintain this high level of diversity in its student population as a means of enriching the classroom experience for all children.


3 Head Teachers

3 Assistant Teachers


MECEC is located off of a quiet side street in the Village of Millbrook, housed in the new wing of the Lyall Memorial Federated Church. All classrooms are scaled to small class sizes appropriate for very young children.


The curriculum has been developed around the synthesis of 40 years of research in early childhood education. The school has established an advisory group of leading early childhood education teachers and researchers to help ensure that MECEC's curriculum applies the most current knowledge about best practices in early childhood education.

Teacher training

MECEC's teachers regularly take advantage of training courses to keep their skills and knowledge current.

Financial Assistance

Tuition grants are available ranging from a few hundred dollars to the entire tuition. MECEC is committed to keeping its doors open to all children regardless of financial status. We strongly encourage all families to apply for financial aid as we believe that every child has a right to high-quality early education.

Afterschool Program

In addition to full and half day programs, MECEC offers afterschool programs for children ages 3-5. These afterschool programs are available daily until 4:30 PM. Special arrangements can be made for a later pick up if needed.


The Executive Director of MECEC oversees the educational program and the training and management of the faculty. Every parent is a member of the Parents' Advisory Group, which is directly overseen by the Board of Trustees.